Friday, 22 June 2012

Maniac 2: Mr Robbie

Hi there! Well after writing about the film "Maniac", starring Joe Spinell, I thought I'd just write a short post on the proposed sequel and the short promo film that was made.

"Maniac 2: Mr Robbie" was made in 1986, and was filmed by Buddy Giovinazzo who had only just made his first film "Combat Shock". Unfortunately shortly after this promo was filmed, Joe Spinell's untimely death cut short any plans for a feature film. Joe Spinell was upset that so many females were upset about the first film (not surprising really), that he decided to make the main character a vigilante who kills abusive parents.

Mr. Robbie is a children's tv personality, and receives a lot of mail from fans. Some of these children talk about how they are beaten up by their parents for watching too much tv. Mr. Robbie is upset about this and decides to bring the law into his own hands!

I could say more about this film, but the video at the bottom of the page says about all there is to know about this short film, and also includes the film as well.

It's too bad that Joe Spinell died before he had a chance to make a feature film. From this concept it looked like a good idea and could have been quite an enjoyable film!

Thanks for reading! (I told you it would be short!)



  1. I still haven't seen this one. I'm going to add it to my list. But good post!

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  2. Thanks for checking out the page! It really is very short, running only a few minutes long.


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