Monday, 19 March 2012

Sinicle - Obliterate

Hi everyone! I'm being a bit out of character for this post as I'm actually talking about a music video. One of the members follows my Facebook page and thought their new zombie themed music video would be suitable for the blog, so why not. It makes for a bit of a change! The band is called "Sinicle" and the song is called "Obliterate".

"Sinicle" are a heavy metal band that hail from Reno, Nevada and the band members are Andrew Zaragoza, who plays guitar and sings lead vocals. Justin Miller plays bass and sings vocals, and James Gepner plays drums.

They have been gaining a bit of a following online and have been interviewed for several magazines and online radio stations. They are hoping to win a battle of bands competition to play on this years Warped tour, I'll have a link to that at the bottom of the post. The have relocated to Hollywood, California, and are regularly playing gigs at venoes such as The Whisky, and The Rainbow Bar.

The video is of the band playing on stage at a live gig. Unknown to them, there is a horde of zombies making their way to the venue, possibly attracted by the noise. The video culminates in the zombies taking to the stage and devouring the band as they try to keep playing! It's a fairly DIY video and has practically no budget, but it does give you a fair impression of what it's like to be at one of their shows (minus the zombies obviously!).

"Sinicle" are currently working on a new EP, with producer Bob Kulick. Kulick is a Grammy Award winning producer and is the brother of "KISS" guitarist Bruce Kilick. He has also played on several "KISS" albums and has worked with artists like "Motorhead", "Lou Reed", "Meat Loaf" and "W.A.S.P.

Check out the links below and remember to check out the video. I'll be back to normal for my next post but who knows, I could do something similar again at some point! Please leave some comments at the bottom of the page if you have a minute to spare, and feel free to join my facebook page or twitter by clicking on the links on the right hand side of the page.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Perth (The Geylang Massacre)

Hey there! It's been a couple of weeks, I've been a bit lazy and have just been watching a lot of films and not writing about them. I have been posting a lot of stuff on my facebook page, basically film trailers of the films I've been watching and short films that are from youtube. If  you would like to join this page there is a like button to the right of this page. Now onto the film!

"Perth" is a 2004 film from Singapore, directed by Djinn ( real name Ong Lay Jinn). The main character is a man called Harry Lee. He is a self proclaimed "simple man" whose dream is to move to the Australian city called Perth. He works part time as a security guard at the shipyard and drives a taxi at night, saving up his money to move to Perth. Unfortunately his plans go a bit awry when he loses his security guard job and his wife gambles away his savings.

A man he knows from the shipyards called Angry Boy Lee, who is not exactly by the book, says that if he needs a job he will try and help him out. Harry recruits his best friend from his days in the army, Selvam, and goes to meet Angry Boy Lee. He manages to get them a job transporting prostitutes about town, and Harry starts to make a good bit of money that will make his dreams of moving to Perth start a little bit quicker. Until he meets a prostitute who he falls for.

He transports this prostitute a few times to a hotel, and whenever she leaves she seems to have taken a beating. It reminds him of an incident he had in the army with a girl, and he feels he can make up for it by buying the prostitutes freedom. This is easier said than done! Things start to go downhill quite rapidly once this happens, and in a pretty violent fashion.

The cover of the dvd says that this film is Singapore's answer to "Taxi Driver". It has some similarities such as him driving a taxi, trying to help save a prostitute with violent results, and there's even a mirror scene! But it has enough stuff in it to help carve out its own identity. This film is has a lot of scenes of just Harry and Selvam sitting in bars and restaurants, just drinking and talking about any and all topics. They really seem like they have known each other for years and are very close friends.

Harry has a lot of problems in his life. He is a man in his fifties watching the world go by and feeling left out. He thinks he can rid himself of his faults and start afresh in Perth, which he portrays as a Utopia where there are no troubles.

The director Djinn said he was inspired to make the film because of the many taxi rides he has had where the drivers have had a desire to move to Perth. Also when he was in the army reserves, he noticed a lot of the soldiers talked about moving to Perth. Even his uncle who was in the merchant navy talked of his dream to move to Perth.

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