Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Few Words..........

Hello! As you can see I haven't made a blog in the last couple of weeks. I've just been a bit busy with work and other things that have been going on, and a slight bit of laziness on my part haha!

Another thing you may have possibly noticed is that the page has changed slightly, most importantly the name. I was going to write about anything cool which has been happening, ie: good gigs, albums, and other things I've been excited about. Now I have decided to just write about movies, as I really enjoyed talking about the ones I have on the site!

Also I'd like to try and make some things a bit clearer about the site. I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago who asked when I was going to write another review. I thought the word "review" was a bit too strong a word. I just thought I could be a bit clearer in saying I don't think of it as a review really! Neither do I think of myself as a critic! The aim is to simply talk about films that I have seen recently and hope to spark an interest in people who haven't seen or heard them. I strongly believe in letting people make up their own minds about whether a film is good or bad, all I am going to say is if I enjoyed it or not!

Another thing I really like to do is find out a bit of history behind what i'm writing about. I really want to throw in a good bit of trivia as well because sometimes the story behind a film is as interesting as the film itself!

Well that's my rant over haha! Well done if you made it this far. The next blog should hopefully be up in a few days. The next dvd I'll be writing about is called Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide, which is a documentary encompassing every aspect of the video nasty era. It also has a load of extras bunged in which are also very interesting. Also I will be giving my own take on censorship and the BBFC which should hopefully park a heated debate and a few strong opinions!

Also please try and get more people to join if you have the time. Also please leave more comments as I would love to hear any opinions you may have, good or bad!

Until next time! :)

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