Monday, 31 December 2012

Fuck You Social Networking!

Hello everyone! Well, I haven't updated this blog since the 19th September. Sorry about that! There have been several factors involved that have made my absence so long, but mostly I suppose it has been sheer laziness. I have recently moved properties, so I was offline for about a month when that happened, and combined with work and general real life I felt like I had no time. This and the fact my mind was occupied on another project I was doing writing film reviews for a site called Horror Fans Asylum Reviews, which I have subsequently stepped down from to concentrate on my own page which has been neglected.

Another main reason I hadn't been updating the page was the fact I seemed to be having more interaction on social networking sites. With Facebook, I was posting a lot of upcoming film trailers and trailers for older, non-mainstream films (basically whatever caught my attention). In the past few days this has changed. It seems that Facebook has had some policy changes, one of which has impeded my ability to share with people movie trailers and clips from sites like YouTube. Pretty much killing off a considerable portion of what I liked doing on Facebook..... showing trailers and clips (old and new), and having some nice little discussions on them.

I can imagine that a lot of other fan pages are having similar problems. My page and other pages are seen as businesses on Facebook, who could possibly (who knows how?) be making money from sharing clips from YouTube and other sites of the same vein.

I never have, and never will, use this site or any social networking pages to make any monetary gain (as I can imagine is the same for a lot of bloggers). Fuck, not many people read the page anyway, there wouldn't be any chance in hell of making money off this blog! All the competitions I've had on here and my other pages all come from my own pocket!

So with New Year on it's way in a few hours, I thought I would take the opportunity to be as honest with people as possible, and make changes in how this blog will work. I'll mostly be using the blog for posting most of my random thoughts as well as the usual film posts (the way the blog should have been anyway), this will mean the blog will be my primary focus! And I'd like to still interact with all the great people I've met online on my Facebook and Twitter pages, so I please urge anyone who follows these pages to please take a few seconds to follow my blog on here or comment whenever possible! Though I'll still be on those pages, they aren't my primary focus at the moment.

While I'm being honest as well, I'm not here to write about all the news on what new films are coming out and all that crap, there are TONS of pages that deal with that! I'm just here to talk about the films I love or whatever curiosities I've seen recently. If it's a new film that's caught my eye, so be it. But I'm not really interested a lot in which new horror film or whatever is coming out soon, chances are it'll be a disappointment anyway. Most of the stuff on here will be from my own collection. Just thought I'd be clear on what my blog is all about!

That was quite a rant I had there haha! I'd like to thank Dr Blood for kind of being like a mentor to me for a while and convincing me to keep the blog going when I had pretty much given up. Thank you! Also to everyone else, I hope you have a fantastic New Year and I hope to see you soon. Below you'll find a full movie to see you through the bells!